The Finest in Oriental Rugs

The Finest in Oriental Rugs

We travel the world selecting the very best Oriental rugs.  With over two decades of experience our passion for this extraordinary art form allows us to rise above the competition.  We proudly import the finest rugs available and offer our customers an enjoyable buying experience.  Rest assured you will own the most exquisite rugs on the market.

Our clients range from board members and chairmen of Fortune 500 companies, current and former members of the United States Congress, museums, corporate offices and discriminating consumers and architects from around the world.

We have worked with designers and architectural firms from Los Angeles to New York and from Anchorage to Madrid.  No project is too large or small for our team of experts.

Services and Consultation

Fine Oriental rugs enhance the design elements of any given space and serve as the critical focal point of a room.  Chosen correctly, the right rugs elegantly embrace the qualities of your design theme, and knit the various elements into inviting and completed spaces.  As the foundation of design, Oriental rugs can determine the success of an entire project.

Selecting rugs can be a daunting task.  Perusing pictures of thousands of rugs and finding pieces that compliment a project can be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Purchasing a rug from a retailer can lead to disappointment when you finally see the rug in its place and it just doesn’t work.

Magellan takes the guesswork out of buying Oriental rugs.

We review your color swatches, fabric samples, room photographs and personal preferences and help you select a few options.  We then bring those selections to your design location.  The ability to see the rug in its intended environment allows you to effectively select the rugs that enhance the quality of your space.  We bring the showroom to you!



“If you want exceedingly beautiful and rare one-of-a-kind rugs to meet your most discerning needs, you do not need to look any further than Magellan”     Sean … , Sales Manager